Why you should vote for Myanna Dellinger

  • An award-winning legal professional, Fulbright Scholar (climate change), attorney, and full-time law professor, Myanna is running for judge because she believes that more diversity and critical thinking will add much needed value to the judicial system in LA County.
  • As a neutral law professor, Myanna is not beholden to any special interests.
  • Myanna has unique behind-the-scenes judicial experience: She worked on hundreds of civil, criminal, and administrative cases with and for judges for years, helping them achieve faster-than usual case processing times. She will step right into the role of being an efficient judge with broad experience.
  • Judges must be adept at interpreting legal materials: Myanna is an excellent legal researcher and writer: she has published more than 350,000 words in highly ranked journals and is a top 10% author on the global scientific network SSRN for the fourth year in a row.
  • The United States Department of State chose Myanna to be a Fulbright Scholar in climate change law and policy in a highly competitive process.
  • Myanna has great people skills and is used to working professionally face to face with hundreds of people every week as a law professor in an ABA-accredited law school.
  • She enjoys meaningful support from a broad segment of society (see her endorsements).
  • Myanna pays it forward: As a law professor, she has taught 1,400 attorneys how to practice law efficiently and ethically. She works pro bono on criminal, immigration and LGBT cases.
  • Recent events have shown that in excessive force cases, prosecutors may give too much deference to the police. Sometimes, they are not neutral when it comes to considering prosecuting officers for misconduct. The judiciary is a separate and neutral government branch under the U.S. Constitution. Diversity on the bench is thus key. I would be a neutral judge of the facts and law in these and other cases.

Personal Values*

Support our peers

Women, Guns, Hate, and Climate Change

Our Constitution guarantees everyone equal treatment. In reality, some people still face greater obstacles than others. The law is one tool to move closer to equal justice and less discrimination. Many local, state and federal laws require that some people be given some special consideration in areas like jobs, awarding government contracts, or access to housing or educational opportunities. The Supreme Court has also routinely upheld laws that favor some people over others as consistent with the Constitution. There is precedent emphasizing that other groups must be treated equally in areas such as marriage, education, and employment. I support laws that provide this kind of special consideration to level the playing field for all. Examples of such groups are:

Racial minorities


LGBT people

Disabled veterans

Myanna believes in a woman’s right to chose (which is still the law of the land).
She believes in climate change, which disproportionately affects
people of color and the already poor (“environmental justice”).

She believes in gun violence prevention strategies
and other appropriate government regulation.

Hate crimes must be punished to the full extent of the law.

Modern sentencing practices should be
examined when traditional sentences
are counter-productive.


Society needs to urgently address problems relating to:

The homeless

Immigrants (the Constitution prohibits discrimination against anyone because of their national origin)



More than 100 judges, government representatives, and researchers have cited to Myanna’s work. This demonstrates accuracy, reliability, and high quality.

She graduated as number one in her law school class earning the honorary title Order of the Coif.

Myanna is a Fulbright Scholar in climate change law and policy.

Your judges should be able to read and write accurately every day. Myanna does that exceptionally well.


The bench needs more diversity. It should resemble LA demographics.  As a woman and first-generation immigrant, 

Myanna understands the unique challenges met by females and other minorities in today’s diverse society.

Myanna is the only female running for a seat on the bench which is approx. 65% male.
Myanna is a neutral law professor and could render fresh, high-quality input to the LA judiciary.


Justice Reform & Access to Justice

Many voices call for criminal justice reform. This may include taking a hard look at who we elect to be judges. Approx. 45% of the judges in LA come from prosecutorial backgrounds ("deputy district attorneys"). The bench needs diversity of life experiences besides the typical career prosecutor.

Other life experiences would add to the diversity of perspective on the bench and people who would be willing to consider rehabilitation in the appropriate case as opposed to jail as the answer. Neutrality and outside views are key.

As Myanna has never worked with police officers as a prosecutor (“district attorney”)
, she would weigh police officer testimony fairly.

Myanna has not accepted law enforcement funds or endorsements! See her endorsements here.

Myanna will provide a critical, neutral voice and help work for access to justice.

With high integrity, Myanna believes that the truth and facts matter.

There should be no policing without legal accountability – no one is above the law (of course, not all police officers are bad). We need the police for some societal functions.

We need new models for public safety for all, especially minorities.

Myanna has the courage to do the right thing. She will not be a rubber stamp.

Social Contract (Broken)

Select Endorsements

Maxine Waters

East Area Progressive Democrats

Maxine Waters (D)

National Women's Political Caucus

Jackie Goldberg

Fight 2 Save Black LA

Days until vote-by-mail ballots are mailed out:


*Note that judges to a very large extent do not create law; they interpret and apply it. Myanna will do so without bias and prejudice based on her extensive experience in the law and communications. She will follow precedent and all judicial and professional Canons of Ethics, professional rules of conduct and, of course, the U.S. and California Constitutions. This includes, if it comes to it, enforcing Roe v. Wade, which is the law of the land. The above viewpoints merely reflect Myanna’s personal views on select overall issues about which she is often asked to facilitate voters' choice even though she is “only” running for judge. Myanna is not giving her opinion on any particular case that may come before her.