Hear Myanna Dellinger in her own words about the issues of the day and why she would be a fantastic addition to the judiciary in Los Angeles County.

Climate change

Climate change kills! We have less than a decade to solve it. Myanna speaks on this issue in this video.


Racism permeates society, causing devastating effects. Myanna speaks out.

Gender-based rights

We have come a long way for women's rights in the workplace, reproductive rights, and LGBT rights. Let's not roll that back decades! The right judges matter - in 2020, vote for progress and normalcy!


Police brutality

Criminal Justice Reform

Education & health


I am extremely qualified for this position. I have a razor-sharp legal mind - I graduated as #1 of my law school class of 181 students. I was trained by excellent federal and state level appellate and trial judges, gaining crucial behind-the-scenes experience of running a court room. I am a top 10% scholar on a prestigious network called SSRN, with over 100 cites to my work. I am adept at handling large groups of people with my years of experience teaching law and English to over a thousand students for over 20 years. I am quick on my feet, know when to speed things up and when to slow things down.



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