Why Myanna Dellinger is Your #1 Vote…

  • #1 Best In Class

    Graduated as No. 1 in her law school class earning her the honorary title Order of the Coif.

  • Trusted by Judges & Reseachers

    More than 100 judges, practitioners, and professional researchers have used Myanna’s writings in their rulings and writings.

  • Highly Regarded College Professor

    As a highly regarded college professor, Myanna has educated over 1,300 lawyers in So. Cal. and beyond over the last 10 years.

  • Over 350k+ Researched Legal Articles

    Myanna has researched and authored numerous legal articles analyzing and seeking to modernize the law in California and beyond. Many of these have been published by major law journals such as the Hastings Law Journal, the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law and the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, and Technology.

  • Over 22,000+ Readers

    Myanna has been in the top 10% of authors on the Social Science Research Network for three years consecutively.

  • Ninth Circuit & Judicial Opinions

    She has worked as a law clerk for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the second-highest court in the nation after the United States Supreme Court. She literally wrote part of the law in the Circuit for a year via the judicial opinions she proposed.

  • Fulbright Scholar

    Myanna is a Fulbright Scholar in climate change law and policy.

  • Worldwide Podcast Listeners

    Her podcasts have been downloaded in more than 100 countries around the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.


“I cannot express the impact Professor Dellinger has had on me. She genuinely cares and generously avails herself for the success of her students selflessly. Her ability to think outside-of-the-box is what saved me and why I consider myself fortunate to have met her.”
— Law Student, Erik Oh, Riverside

“I can say without hesitation that Professor Dellinger is not only one of the best and most engaging professors I have had over the course of my law school career, she has also been a mentor and a friend.”
— Law Student, Cameron Schlagel, Irvine

"Ms. Dellinger has struck me as a person who is intelligent, diligent, and highly driven. She has demonstrated great discipline and curiosity, ensuring timely delivery of all her outputs and maximizing her learning experience."
— Maria Socorro Z. Manguiat, Legal Affairs Program Officer, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Impact on attorneys and society

One of her proudest accomplishments is that she has helped educate approximately 1,300 lawyers over the past decade. Many of these still live and practice in Southern California. These lawyers hail from numerous socio-economic and geographical backgrounds. Many have reached top government and law firm positions. She has trained them to always research the law carefully in relation to all cases and clients, to be very careful with even seemingly small details of the law, and to work hard to handle their clients’ interests while respecting the legal system and their opponents.

"If I could help others who might be in the same situation, I would like to do so."

— Myanna Dellinger
The New York Times / Read Full Article

"I have been very pleased with Myanna’s work. She digs deeply into the cases she is assigned and is very thorough in her research approach to the issues."

— The late Hon. Procter Hug, Jr.
The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Additional Testimonials

I've had so many great comments and testimonials. Here are a few.
Note that I intentionally listed these people with only their initials, as they are not public figures.


Former law student of Professor Dellinger

Professor Dellinger, I respect you very much as one of my former law professors! You always pushed me to find my potential and expected more from me than I wanted to give - but in the end it made me a better student, and attorney. You fostered critical thinking in your classes and didn’t limit us to just one subject in discussion. I think you will make an incredible judge, who will bring fairness, professionalism, forward thinking, and inclusiveness to the bench. I am rooting for you!


Former prosecutor

While Myanna may not have the trial experience of her opponent, she relies on who she is as a person and what she believes in when she asks for your support. That's a lot more than a candidate who you don't know anything about except that they prosecuted criminals. Anyone can do that...but who is the person...what do they believe is important? Simply saying vote for me because I prosecuted criminals doesn't compare with voting for someone because you agree what they stand for. One can learn HOW to be a judge after being elected...but you can't quickly learn how to have admirable values and beliefs and skills for "judging" other fellow human beings. This is why I support Myanna...and I'm a former prosecutor btw!